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album2smlAbout everyone out there has heard of Pavlov’s dogs, you remember, after repeated bell-food pairings the bell caused the dogs to salivate. Well I have found myself in that state since receiving word from my friend and banjo player in the band “Driven” Jimmy Campbell that the gang from Driven were in the studio recording their sophomore CD.  Titled You’ll Be Lonely, I’ll Be Gone, the album was officially released at Driven’s first stage performance of the 2013 Walnut Valley Festival in Winfield, KS.


Made up of 12 original songs and tunes You’ll Be Lonely, I’ll Be Gone is an outstanding showcase of numerous facets of Driven, songwriting, mastery of their chosen instruments, and vocal abilities. I’ve listened to the CD several times and I’ve yet to find a track that I don’t enjoy. If you want to get your foot tapping “49 Gold” or “Breakin’ Yuma” would be your songs. Both have a groove that would make Sam Bush or Tony Rice proud. With a title that anyone traveling between Winfield and Lawrence, Kansas should recognize, “Matfield Green” is a haunting song that will make the hair on the back of your neck rise. Another point worth mentioning is the quality of the vocals. I fell in love with the harmonies on the wonderful gospel song “John 6.” “Runaway” features fiddle player, Rebekah Workman singing lead vocals. Her smooth voice tells the story perfectly in this outstanding track.


Each member of Driven is a fine musician and their talent shines through on every track. Listeners will find solid breaks and chops by Brandon McLemore on mandolin, clean, tasteful, smokin’ guitar solos from Jake Workman, outstanding fiddle played by Rebekah Workman and what would a bluegrass band be without a killer banjo player? Driven has a double threat with Jimmy Campbell not only on banjo but Dobro as well. This collection of stellar musicians is all held together by the upright bass played by Blake McLemore.


This is definitely a CD to have in your collection. I would suggest that you not wait to get your copy. Trust me you don’t want to miss this one!


Rex Flottman

 Walnut Valley Festival

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